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When I add or change a page, if I remember, I will add details and a link to this page. Somebody suggested this page after visiting my site. I you have any ideas you would like to see, e-mail me.

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I have added lots of bits to the site since I last updated this page. I have also got a new camera so the latest photographs are the best yet and will only get better as I get more practice this season. The pages I have updated include;

I still have not yet published pictures of the slot cars I bought last summer and I will be taking many more photographs this summer, so visit again.


I have still not got into the habit of updating this page, however I have been busy during the summer buying more stuff, taking photographs and adding more content to the web site.

In the last few months I have mainly been adding pictures of real sports cars such as Audi Quattros, Ford Sierra Cosworths, Triumph TR7 and TR8, Mk 1 & 2 Ford Escorts, Subaru Imprezas used for rallying and on the road, Ford Fiestas and another BMW. Other photos I have added include some of a real air ambulance, some police vans, some TV vans, some recovery trucks at the Castle Combe racing circuit and some real barriers also photographed at Castle Combe.

I have not yet published pictures of the slot cars I have bought recently or all the photos I took during the summer, so visit again.


I have been a bit lazy and have not updated this page. There is however lots of new stuff on my site including a truck trailer, a Jaguar page, a Volkswagen page including photos from Bristol Volksfest 2003, some pictures of some Landrover G4 Challenge vehicles and some more Pinzgauer and Subaru Impreza photographs.


I have added another vehicle, a cardboard TV van to colour and make to my paper models page.


I have added some pictures of my new Super Track System (STS) 4x4 slot cars. I do now own more Jeeps than Landrovers! I will have to do something about this.


I have designed some paper vans you can print, colour and make to put around your slot car circuit.


I have added some pictures of the TrustPA Westfield to my Caterhams page.


I have updated my gallery of real minis including photos from the 2002 Bristol Mini Day and the Regency Stages Rally.


I have added the first of my pictures from the Regency Stages Rally. They include some of a BMW 323, a Seat Ibiza and two Fiestas.


This weekend I smartened up the Ambulance page including adding a paper ambulance you can print out, colour in and make yourself.


Santa did not bring me any new slot cars, but I did get time off work to make some new marshal posts. Seasons greetings to all my visitors.


I have added details of another project to make lights for my slot car circuit.


I have added how to make some excellent trees for around my circuit. I make them from a artificial Christmas tree which is easily available at this time of year.


I have added some pictures of my SCX Nissan Patrol Fanta No 212. I have also added a page for my STS slot cars. They are all four wheel drive slot cars.


I have added some pictures of some real recovery trucks. I hope to make some models of these to recover stranded slot cars.


I have added some pictures given to me by Ali of some real Triumphs. Thanks Ali. I have also added the instructions for how to use the Scalextric Think Tank. Thanks Pete.


I have added a new Scalextric Ferrari F40 to the site as well as some pictures of some real Ferrari F360s and other real Ferraris from the Ferrari Owners Club.


During the last two weeks I have added various new pictures around the site from my visit to Donington Park. These include a real Porsche 962, some real track signs, a real Dunlop Bridge and a real JCB Loadall in action.


I have added various new pictures around the site including some BMW slot cars.


I went to my local round of the MSA British Touring Car Championship and took lots of pictures.


I added lots of bits over the bank holiday weekend including track signs, painted pit crew figures, St. John Ambulance crew figures and I finished of my scratch built Volkswagen Beetle slot car. As I now have some more webspace I have added zip file versions of the two wallpapers of the circuit and the Camel Trophy Land Rover slot car (in different sizes to suit your display).


I have added the text to my page about a scratch built pit building to make my circuit look better.


I have actually got round to building my Beetle slot car and I have published the first pictures.


I have added pictures of my model cranes which sit next to the circuit to lift damaged slot cars clear to allow racing to continue.


I have added pictures of my Scalextric Caterham 7s and some pictures of Jon's Robin Hood kit car.


This weekend I have added some stuff to the Scenery menu and the Scratch Built Cars menu.


I have added how I made a Welsh Flag to the correct size to put onto a Scalextric flagpole.


I have been busy today and have updated the Ambulance section and added pictures of my Volkswagen Beetle slotcars. I have also added some photographs of some real new Volkswagen Beetles taken by a friend at Bristol Volksfest 2002.


I have added a gallery of pictures of real Camel Trophy Landrovers on which my best slotcar is modelled. They can be found in the Camel Trophy Land Rovers page.


I have added a gallery of pictures of Subaru Imprezas used for rallying and improved the pictures of subaru Imprezas used on the road. They can be found in the Rally Cars section.


I have been very busy recently, but I have added the first pictures from Bristol Mini Day. They can be found in the Mini section.


I have made some wallpaper to improve your computer desktop. It can be found at the end of the Circuit section. I have also made some wallpaper of the 'best slotcar ever made' mentioned below.


I have not added anything to the site for a few weeks, but I now have an example of the best slotcar ever made. It can be found in the Saloons section.


I have been updating the Ready Built Cars Section with pictures of my latest purchases, and most of them appear to be Porsches.


Added some photographs of real Metro 6R4s that I saw at the Regency Stages Rally. They can be found from the new Rally Car section. I have also added some other small bits during the week.


Added some more slotcars and grouped them together in a new Rally Car section. I have also started scoring the performance of my cars (out of 5). I will be adding the scores for the other cars when I get time. Maybe this will help you when you are purchasing your own slotcars.


This weekend I have added various new bits to the site including how I made my slotcar bridge.


I have added more pictures of my Scalextric Rover 3500 "Triplex". They can be found in the Saloons section.


I have added more details and pictures of the static vehicles I have around my slotcar circuit to make it look more realistic and to give it more characture. They can be found in the Static Vehicles section. I have also added some more Ford Capri pictures.


Have added pictures of how I made my tyre walls. Follow the link from the Scenery section.


Went to a rally last weekend and I have published the first of the pictures. They are of Duncan's Rover 3500 Vitesse and various Fords.


Added pictures of my new and much more exciting slotcar circuit. They can be found in the Circuit section. Details of most of the bits shown can be found in the other sections eg if you see an item of scenery you are interested in, look in the Scenery section etc.


Added new Range Rover slotcar scratch built by somebody else and a picture of a future project, a BMW 320 to the Scratch Built Cars section. Been busy recently adding more track, a bridge, track borders and buildings to the circuit. Look out for pictures soon.


Added the pictures of the Joker's Porsche 911 made by Scalextric (and myself). They can be found in the Porsches section of Saloons.


Added loads more stuff to the site including the enlargements to some of the thumbnails and lots of bits in the Scenery page. You may also notice the menu on the left has changed.


Added more pictures of the scratch built Land Rover slotcar built by somebody else. I have also now built my own Land Rover slotcar and published all the pictures which can be found on the Scratch Built Cars page.


Added more pictures of the Subaru Impreza WRC by SCX to their own Subaru Impreza WRC page. Aiming to add some pictures of the real thing soon.


Added a Power Rangers Battle Bike to the Motor bikes page.


Added some more pictures and text to the gallery of photographs of real minis. I have also been sent the 'After' photographs of the Capri stock which can be foun in the Gallery of Real Fords.


Been very busy buying more cars and buildings, making some tyre walls and more track borders. I will add details later. However now I have added some better pictures of the full size versions of some of the Scalextric Ford cars (Fiesta, Escort and Capri). The new photographs can be found in the Gallery of Real Fords.


Added how I made a marshalling post from simple materials. This can be found in the Scenery section.


Grouped the Porsches together, getting ready to add pictures of two new cars. This can be found in the Saloon Cars section.


Added plans for the scratch built Mercedes Police Car, in the Scratch Built Cars section. I have also added Encapsulated PS versions of all the AutoCAD files.


Added plans, cutting list and more photographs to the First Prototype Chassis and the plans and cutting lists for the Second Prototype Chassis, both in the Scratch Built Cars section.


My new e-mail address has been added so I can now be contacted at The old address does however still work if it is in your Address book.


Adrian's Slotcar World now has its own domain eg. The old address still works, but the site will not be updated at this location. Links on the old site now point to the new domain.

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