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Slower part of circuit

I have now expanded my slotcar circuit and added more scenery. Click on a thumbnail to see a bigger picture.

I have placed most of my working slotcars next to the circuit in one big Parc Ferme made from old Scalextric straights with the metal rails (which were rusty) removed. This means there is a slot for the guide blades to sit in.

About 44 cars waiting in Park Ferme
2 rows of cars in pit lane

In the pit lane are parked my V8 engined slotcars, eg 2 Land Rovers, 4 Rover 3500s and don't think of them as TR7s but TR8s. Next to them are the entries for the Porsche Cup.

I currently have 3 Scalextric pit buildings and a roof. My scratch built Land Rover is being worked on by a load of Smurfs. This is a successful racing team as...

Pit buildings and mechanics
Proud Smurf with pretty bird

...their driver is currently showing off his winners trophy on the podium on my scratch built modern style pit building. It is mainly made from cardboard boxes.

Most of the figures I have painted so far are standing in this enclosure protected by safety fence. I have some more by MRRC, SRA and Scalextric I have not painted yet.

Crowd watching from the spectator area
Yellow and black grandstand and small crowd

This is one of my Scalextric grandstands. The painted figures were my Dad's when he was young. I need to paint the other figures by Scalextric and MRRC. The unpainted figures standing in front are also by Scalextric. The blue figures to the right are Smurfs.

This is my other Scalextric grandstand which contains Scalextric figures painted by somebody else using gloss enamel paint. The figures I have painted use mainly matt colours that are more realistic, but not as striking.

Yellow and black grandstand with painted crowd
Row of vehicles

My scratch built Mercedes police slotcar is parked nest to a die-cast Rover 3500 police car made by Corgi. There is also a die-cast St. John Ambulance. You can see the St. John Ambulance First Aider rushing to help a member of the public who has injured themselves or has been suddenly taken ill.

This sweeping curve is protected by a marshal spot, a small crane to rescue stranded slotcars, a plastic Land Rover fire engine and a die-cast Holby Paramedic Unit ambulance. I have some ambulance crew figures by SRA to paint.

Corner with white and red borders and vehicles
Emergency vehicles waiting

The corner at the end of the long straight is protected by a die-cast Paramedic Unit ambulance and an American style die-cast Rescue vehicle made by Corgi. The corner has Scalextric track borders with Scalextric crash barriers that just clip on.

These are my own scratch built track borders made from hardboard and cork tile. The Scalextric crash barriers prevent an out of control (de-slotted) slotcar escaping too far.

Bend before homemade bridge
My homemade yellow flyover

This is my homemade bridge painted yellow to match my other Scalextric buildings. I have added Scalextric crash barriers to prevent the slotcars coming off the track.

Adrian's Slotcar Circuit - Page 2

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Adrian's Slotcar Circuit - Page 2

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