Scratch Built Beetle Slot Car

I have had this Airfix Volkswagen Beetle plastic kit for while with the intention of making it into a slot car. I was waiting to find a suitable chassis. I found that the wheelbase of the Scalextric Caterham was the correct length and I managed to get hold of another for a suitable price. I actually got a pair of Caterhams, but I could not bring myself to cut up the yellow one, so I used the blue Caterham. This was a bad move as it meant I had to paint the chassis so that it was not so obvious under the yellow Beetle bodyshell.

Some of you may spot the irony in that I have used a kit to make a Beetle. Usually it is the other way round.

You should be able to work out how I made my scratch built Beetle slot car by looking at the step-by-step pictures. A photograph is 'readable' in whatever language you speak (unlike this paragraph).

Remove plastic Mark using permanent pen Remove plastic Remove wheel arches
Remove corners Trail fit Make back flush Rear parcel shelf from kit
Make from polystyrene sheet/section Glue in place Another test fit Add bumpers etc
Drill mounting holes Mask electrical contacts Spray chassis (but better than this) Spray interior

I have not finished the slot car as it started raining in my spray shop (patio).

Painted bodyshell, rear and side Painted bodyshell, front and side Painted bodyshell, inside Painted bodyshell, front
Remove ridge around magnet Resprayed and rebuilt chassis Headlights not looking good Crosses of tape
Finished Beetle, side Finished Beetle, rear and side Finished Beetle, front and side Finished Beetle, underside

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