Scratch Built Truck Trailer

Sainsbury's are currently selling a toy Sainsbury's lorry for 7.99. It is very nice for a toy and the cab has a lot of detail link wing mirrors and wipers, but I am more interested in the trailer.

Sainsbury's toy lorry
Tractor units side by side

The wheel base of the tractor unit is longer than the standard Scalextric truck and the fifth wheel is also further back. This means a new tow pin on the trailer is required.

This is easy to add as the trailer is held together with screws that can be unscrewed then done up again when the conversion is finished. The original tow pin was unscrewed.

Pin, screw and screwdriver
Hole through masking tape

A hole was drilled further forward on the trailer bed to ensure that the trailer does not come into contact with the back of the cab even on sharp bends.

Then a new tow pin was made from an M5 bolt and some nuts and washers.

Bolt head, nut and washer
Bolt, nut and washer

This makes the length of the tow pin adjustable.

The nut also acts as a bearing surface on the Scalextric truck's fifth wheel.

Close up of hitch
Finished rig

The finished rig looks quite good. It is Dave's truck. I will have to get some more so I can repaint them in other team liveries.

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