Scratch Built Slot Cars

I have now built 2 prototype chassis from scratch and built a police car from what I have learnt. Also having looked at a not very good Landrover slotcar I have built my own using a platic kit and a cut down Scalextric chassis. Click on a picture to find out more.

Chassis made from sheet plastic, with big wheels

Instead of cannibalising a perfectly good ready built car, even if it does not perform very well, I decided to make my own chassis. This is my first attempt and does have some faults. Click on the picture to find more pictures and the plans.

This is a development of the first chassis to correct the faults and so that it can have small wheels with a view to mounting the MGB on it. It is designed with serviving in mind. You can add oil without taking the body off. I wonder if ARTEC had thought about this? Click on the picture to find more pictures and the plans.

Chassis made from sheet plastic, with small wheels
Mercedes Police car

I have used the body from a cheap plastic toy Police car and added a scratch built chassis to make my first fully working slot car of my own. Click on the picture to find more pictures and the plans.

I wanted some trailers to go with my Scalextric trucks, but the genuine ones are quite rare and therefore expensive. I have now found an alternative. Click on the picture to find out more.

Articulated lorry
Blue plastic Land Rover on Scalextric chassis

This car was produced by somebody else. I bought it at a Toy Fair when collecting model Land Rovers. I probably paid to much for it (marked 12) as at the moment it does not run very well. It is a plastic kit that has been screwed to the chassis of a pick-up truck. For more details click on the picture.

I obtained a plastic kit (4.99) with the same body as the above Land Rover (with different accessories) so that I could make a better Land Rover slot car. It is nearly the same body moulding as Barcelona Universal Models use to make their Land Rover. I have now made my own Land Rover slotcar, click on the picture to find out more.

Yellow Land Rover on Scalextric chassis
Scratch built Range Rover Ambulance Slotcar

I picked up this scratch built Range Rover Ambulance slotcar at a toy fair while looking for model Range Rovers. It may give you some ideas, so for more details, click on the picture.

I now have another new project. When I find time I will convert this Airfix model kit of a Volkswagen Beetle into a slotcar. I think I will use the chassis from a Scalextric TR7 if I can find one at a suitable price. As the Beetle is bigger, it should be easier to do than the MGB (and therefore I might get around to actually doing it!)

Airfix Volkswagen Beetle
Airfix MGB model kit box

I bought this Airfix kit from a "bloke at work" for 3 hoping to convert it into a slot car. However the MGB is quite a small car so this will not be easy. I will certainly have to put the soft top on and remove most of the interior. The next problem is where will I find a suitable driver (I also need one for the Land Rover)?

This is another future project I have just bought from Pendle Slot Racing. It is a BMW 320 in Carling Black Label livery. It is supplied with a plastic chassis, but I may build my own.

Black and yellow BMW 320
Old Airfix drivers

I have now found some drivers for my scratchbuilt slot cars. They originally came from old Airfix slot cars. Some have glue on their bottoms and I will have to strip off the paint (in Domestos).

I now have another Landrover plastic kit. It was destined for my Land Rover collection but the box was crushed in the post. It used the some basic moulds as the other 2 Land Rovers above. This one will be made into a better slot car than the yellow Landrover above by using a better chassis than the Merc. I am considering the Scalextric or SCX Subaru Impreza chassis .

Box and components
Blue Mercedes A class

When I found the Police car (above) I also found this Mercedes A Class. It was a remotely controlled vehicle, hopefully it will be a slotcar. It won't be my fastest car as the body is heavy and tall, but I also have a Volkswagen Beetle (new shape) from the same toy range. I will convert this at the same time, so there will be two similar cars to race against each other.

I was hoping to cast a copy of the body of this Britains Land Rover and build a new slot car chassis for it. I have never cast in resin before so this might not work first time. I got my inspiration for this from Dave England.

Incomplete Britains Land Rover
Plastic Porsche police toy car

This Porsche was bought from Toys-R-Us for 99p (less than 1). It has a stylised body that is quite wide and I plan to make a new slot car chassis for it.

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