Static Vehicles

Fire Engines and Rescue Vehicles

Various fire engines


Various Ambulances

Cranes and Lifting Equipment

Crane lifting car off track

Recovery Trucks

Aaron Slight's car


Red air ambulance

Paper Models

Model vehicles made from thick paper

Even though rally cars should be road legal, they are usually unsuitable for driving to and from the rally and the team has to prepare for the fact the car may be damaged during the event. Therefore rally cars are transported on trailers.

Landrover Discovery and Ford Escort on trailer
Landrover Discovery and Ford Escort on trailer

Britains produce a suitable farm trailer as well as suitable tow vehicles such as this Landrover Discovery.

Halsall now make their own Landrover Discovery towing a trailer with a rally car (Mini) on it. They also do a version with an AC Cobra on the back, but I have not found this in a shop yet. This one however is joining my collection of model Landrovers.

Landrover Discovery and Mini on trailer
V8 Police car

To go with my many Scalextric Rover 3500's, I have this die cast police car made by Corgi. It is slightly too small like most Corgi vehicles in their Collectors range.

This Range Rover in racing colours by corgi is however the correct size (about 1:32 scale). It is from what is now called the Toy range. The other vehicles in the range are also usually to the correct scale. Majorette also produced a very similar model Range Rover.

Blue racing Range Rover
Farmer's Land Rover

The Britains farmer drives a Land Rover made by Ertl even though Britains make loads of Land Rovers to the correct scale. Siku make a range of vehicles to the correct size as do New Ray.

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