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C249 Right Angle Crossing

C249 Right Angle Crossing This is a fun piece of track, but not so useful for proper racing with cars you don't want to purposely ram into each other. It also does not work well with a four lane track. New with no markings in 1980 catalogue. Had yellow markings in Scalextric catalogue of 1983.

Change Over Track PT/82 and C182 350mm (13 3/4") long (same length as straights). One can be used to make a single lane, otherwise a pair are needed. (Current C8006 and C8030, both are packs of 2). Same as Hazard Chicane except for the markings.

Hump Bridge Hump Bridge marked 3 but have seen 3 for 5. This one is also broken. I also have a box for one of these.

This is made up of C191, C192, C193 and C194 and a piece of straight track. The previous owner had the pits set up for fuel stops. The "points" were operated by model railway points motors which where controlled by an old (Amstrad) computer.

On further examination (eg. trying to find the part numbers) I discovered that the straight section in this picture with the bits sticking out to the side is actually a piece of SCX track (PT/3060). I probably got this straight muddled up with the straight that was actually used by the previous owner of this set. It has isolated sections with addition wires soldered to them. This will require futher investigation.

C191 Le Mans Start C191 Le Mans Start I have not tried this track section yet. Marked 12.

C272 Lapcounter The slot cars have to have a certain amount of inertia, otherwise the mechanism will stop them. There is also a connector missing. I don't generally use this track section and on my main circuit I will be using a computer based lap counter.

C272 Lapcounter
C272 Think Tank C272 Think Tank but does anybody know how it works? E-mail me if you know.

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