Maintenance and Tuning - SCX SRS2

From Matchbox Toys (USA) Ltd, 1993. It has however lost something in the translation (by Matchbox not me) from Spanish.

Maintenance Instructions

SRS 2 is a system specially designed for SCX circuit high competition cars that includes a series of innovative characteristics and generally enables improved results regarding speed, stability and power to be obtained in addition to excellent adaption to the driver and to the type of circuit. In order to get the best from these vehicles you are advised to read the following instructions carefully.

Seperate bodywork and chassis Pull the chassis in the direction of the arrow to free the four anchorage points on the bodywork.

Change strips Remove the cable-rivet pressing the strip into its housing and replace.

Engine maintenance To remove the engine, push upwards until the front anchorage A is loose, and then pull in the direction of the arrow as shown in the illustration.

Replace windscreen wipers as in figures B and C in the illustration.

When assembling the engine on the chassis, make sure that the small engine window is on the outside of the chassis.

Rear drive Remove the axle from its housing as in the illustration, clean the bearings and crown, removing all dirt.

When reassembling, make sure that the crown is in the correct position.

Steering Disassemble is shown in the illustration. Take special care with the anchorage point on the guide and the steering column when reassembling.

Assembling the bodywork Proceed, and reverse the instructions in paragraph 1. Make sure that the feed cables so not interfere with the movement of the guide or the steering.

Strips Keep the strips in goos condition and replace with new ones if even slightly damaged. If they are dirty, clean with a paint brush and methyl alcohol.

Wheel train Both wheel trains, must turn freely and be completely free of dirt, dust, thread and hair from the tyres. Use the right crown for each circuit to get the best results.

Tyres Keep the rubber on the tyres from dust and oil by cleaning them if necessary with soap and water, then drying them thoroughly with a clean cloth.

Bodywork Always keep the body tightly fixed to the chassis to avoid friction and noisy vibration.

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