Maintenance and Tuning - Scalextric

From the Scalextric Catalogue Edition 39, 1998.

Maximise the Power

Pulling out guide blade

The condition of the two braids that make contact with the track is crucial - and very easy to put right. Just pull out the Easy-Fit guide blade unit and plug in a complete replacement.

To restore worn braids, trim off the ends with wire cutters or scissors like this:

Trimming ends of braids
Spreading ends of braids

And gently spread the cut ends of the braids:

It's a good idea to do this when you first run any new car.

When you replace the guide blade, also check the contact strips on the underside of the car. Use a small screwdriver if necessary to adjust the height of the strips for good contact on both sides.

You get two spare guide blade units with every Scalextric car (four spare units in every Scalextric set). More are available if you need them in packs of four, or as part of the full Race Tuning Accessory Pack.

Adjusting heights of contacts

Banish the Fluff

Removing screw

An awful lot of fluff can get tangled in your back axle and inside the car, especially if you put your track on the carpet.

For a thorough clean, you should unscrew the body from the underpan (2-5 screws in the underpan, depending on the car) and pop out the back axle.

Pushing out back axle
Removing fluff with tweezers

Use tweezers or similar to remove and debris you find.

You will always improve your car's driving performance by replacing worn tyres, especially the treadless 'slicks' on Formula One cars. Your Race Tuning Accessory Pack includes a range of spare tyres and wheels. Pull the wheels like this to remove them from the axles.

Pulling off rear wheel

Sort the Grip

Roughening end of axle

Rear wheels may sometimes work loose. So when you replace the wheels, first give the axle a pinch with the cutters of your pliers (or similar) like this:

That will make a rough edge to hold the wheel firmly when you push it back on.

Remember that dirt on your wheels or on the track will also cost you traction. Clean both from time to time with a soft, non-fluffy cloth.

Tune the Transmission

While you have the rear wheels off, it is a good idea to replace the two white plastic rear axle bearings (you have spares in your Race Tuning Accessory Pack). Just slide them onto the axle.

Also check that the axle spins true, and the cogs run smoothly. If not, your Race Tuning Accessory pack has the parts to replace them.

Slipping a bearing onto the axle

Swap the Motor

Powerbase with red LED

The signs of a worn-out motor are slow, hesitant running and the motor is warmer than usual. The red light on the Power Base goes dim when you try to run the car.

The spare motor that comes with your Race Tuning Accessory Pack is easily fitted.

Hold the underpan from underneath like this...and press with your thumbs. The motor should pop out easily.

Removing motor from saloon car
Removing motor from single seater

If you have a car which is open underneath (no underpan): use a small screwdriver to prise the motor gently from its mounting clips.

Unplug the wires that connect the motor to the underpan (or guide blade unit, if the car has no underpan). Clip in the replacement motor, plug in the wires, and put everything back together as it was.

Removing motor wires, saloon car

If you have a car with working brake lights you also have to unsolder and resolder the wires at the motor - not difficult to do with adult supervision. If in doubt, contact your nearest service agent.

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