C286 Superstox "Fender Bender"

Here are some additional views of the Scalextric C286 Superstox "Fender Bender".

C286 Superstox "Fender Bender" Yellow body, Blue Chassis. Johnson 111 motor. Silver driver with green helmet and green splashes. Pick-up has slip rings so that the car can turn right round (360 degrees). Having given it a test run, it needs cleaning, especially the 360 degrees slip rings. It also needs new tyres.

Slip rings, need cleaning Front and side, bonnet off Rear and side, bonnet off Rear and side, bonnet on
Front and side, bonnet on Underside, guide at angle Underside, guide perpendicular to chassis At angle on track

F2 Stock Cars at Mendips Raceway

Cars like Fender Bender are still raced at small oval circuits like the Mendips Raceway. They are called F2 Stock Cars. Click on the picture for more photos.

Some F2 Stock Cars after a race

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