C280 Rover 'PMG'

Here are some additional views of the Scalextric Rover 3500 'PMG'.

Side Rear and side Front and side Underside
Top of chassis, from side Top of chassis, from side Top of chassis, from back Underside of body

New Axles, Wheels and Tyres

I tried improving it with new wheels from the Tune Up Set, but the off-set on the new wheels was different. I therefore replaced the existing 49mm long axles with 44mm axle at the back and 41mm at the front made from 3/32" silver steel rod (at under 0.50 per 300mm which is 6 axles). This meant the wheels did not touch the body work at the front and did not stick out at the back.

Side Underside

Real Rover 3500

Duncan's Rover 3500 Vitesse

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