Ready Built Slot Cars - Fords

Yellow Capri with blue roof

C379 Ford Capri 3L 'Valvoline' No.6 This is Jim's Capri.

C335 Ford Fiesta XR2i Marked 8, but I got a deal on this one and the Fiesta below. This is Mel's Fiesta.

Black Fiesta with blue writing
Red Fiesta with blue writing

C287 Ford Fiesta XR2i This is Tricia's Fiesta.

Ford Escort Mexico C052? 15 I paid too much for this car (oh well).

White Ford Escort Mexico
Black Ford Sierra

C455 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS 'Texaco' This is Helen's Sierra, but its engine/motor works fine.

C469 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS "Shell"

Red Ford Sierra
White and blue Ford Escort

C203 Ford Escort Cosworth RS "Team Ford"

C394 Ford Escort XR3i 'Shell'

Yellow Ford Escort with blue graphics

Photographs of Real Fords

Some pictures of real Fords

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